Resources for Individual Riders

Helpful Guidelines for Beginning Bicyclists

Are you new to biking or to bike commuting? This resource compiles safety tips, helmet guidelines, and trip planning in a one page document. These guidelines for biking safety and road etiquette provide the foundation of your bicycling skills and knowledge.

The Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision

Did you know that you can receive a benefit for biking to work? The Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision is a transportation fringe benefit that can be used for offsetting the cost of bicycling, including new bike, helmet, lock, or maintenance expenses. This resource provides a link the text of the law and summarizes the benefits for both the bicycle commuter and for the company.

External Link Bikability Checklist (PDF)

This helpful resource, developed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, provides a measure of bikability for your community and also suggests possible actions any bicyclist can take to improve less than ideal conditions for bicycling. This six question test is easy and quick, isolates where bicycling issues may be, and furnishes good ideas about what you can do immediately and what you or your community can do with more time to address the problem. The document also includes helpful links for more information. Get a better idea of what you can to do create a more bicycle-friendly community with the Bikability Checklist!

Developed by PBIC

External Link Better Bicycling in Your Hometown: A Toolkit for Individuals (PDF)

This toolkit presents ways of furthering bicycling in your community from the individual and local levels to the national level. These broad approaches can be helpful in bringing the discussion of bicycles to the table in your community at the least and your efforts to support bicycling on all level of government can only make the issue more prominent. Use this resource to target your advocacy efforts!

Developed by Bikes Belong

External Link The Bike to Work Commuter's Booklet (PDF)

This resource provides all you need to know about biking to work. While many of the sections of the booklet are fleshed out in greater detail on other areas of this site, this resource combines them all in an easy-to-print format. From information on the benefits of biking to what you will may need on a bicycle commute to bike maintenance, the Bike to Work Commuter’s Booklet is a handy guide to all things related to bike commuting.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

Choosing the Right Bicycle

Choosing the right bicycle is very important for any bicyclist. There are many factors that contribute to which bike is best for any one specific bicycle commuter. This resource illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of different types of bicycles, while also providing some information on sizing. If you are planning on purchasing a new bicycle, consult this guide first!

Safety Tips

As with the Helpful Guidelines for Beginning Bicyclists resource, this information is essential for all beginner bicyclists. Safety is the most important aspect to consider as a novice bicyclist on the road. You may have questions like "where do I ride if there is not a striped bicycle lane" and "what are some of the more common risks that I should watch out for?" This document provides the fundamental safety information that every bicyclist should be aware of as well as some helpful tips for motorists.

What are Bike to Work Events?

Bike to Work Week occurs in May in the United States. While many people are interested in participating, they often don't know what types of events occur during Bike to Work Week. This document summarizes the different events that are most common. However, don't let this brief summary be your limit. There are all kinds of events and activities that are not on this list, but that would be great to organize in your community. Keep an open mind and have fun with your Bike to Work Events!

External Link San Francisco Employer Toolkit (PDF)

This resource provides an example of a comprehensive employer toolkit and includes flyers, tips, and helpful information for both employers and individual riders.

Developed by San Francisco Bike Coalition

External Link Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2010: Benchmarking Report (PDF)

This report, a joint product of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, Planet Bike (, and the Bikes Belong Coalition (, is a helpful resource, which compiles research, data, and information about biking and walking. The levels of bicycling and walking, safety, policies and provision, education and encouragement, advocacy, the influences on biking and walking, and the health impact of bicycling and walking are discussed in the report. The objectives of the Benchmarking Report are to promote data collection, measure progress and evaluation, and support efforts to increase bicycling and walking. Use this resource to make the case for biking in your community!

External Link The National Biking and Walking Study: 15 Year Report

The 15 Year Report, the third update to the National Biking and Walking Study, measures the success of biking and walking in the United States since the original assessment in 1994. Progress made toward the goals of reducing fatalities while increasing bicycling and walking is detailed in the report. In addition, the 15 Year Report provides an overview of programs on the local, state, and national levels to increase bicycling and walking and presents up-to-date statistics on injuries and fatalities. The Report concludes with recommendations for research and policy efforts that can be used to reach the goals of the study. This is a helpful guide to understanding the status of bicycling in the United States and provides basic statistics about bicycling. Use this resource to make the case for more bicycling infrastructure and safety initiatives.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Bike Laws, Plans, Case Studies

This site provides access to numerous resources on the state level. Click on your state to see contact information for the State Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator, bike maps, Bicycle Master Plans, Case Studies, and Bike Laws.

External Link Bike Map Resource

The Bike Map search engine allows users to select a state and then links the user with available maps for that area. This useful tool also allows users to upload a bike map, if it is not already in the system.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Beginning Cycling

This Web page provides useful tips for beginning bicyclists.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link Advanced Cycling

This Web page includes information for more advanced bicyclists.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link Bicycle Maintenance

This Web page gives helpful information about bicycle maintenance, both for simple and more complex maintenance work.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link Why Bike?

This resource provides five reasons why people should bike more, based on economics, environment, health, for fun, and for transportation.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link Benefits of Bicycling

Another resource describing the benefits of bicycling.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Bicycle Tutor - Video Tutorials

This helpful Web site provides a large number of informational videos on bicycle repair and maintenance.

External Link Tools to Identify Bicycle Concerns

This Web page provides tools to evaluate bicycling in a community, from audits and checklists to Level-of-Service tools.

Developed by PBIC