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External Link Bicycle Stats One Pager (PDF)

This one page guide is a concise resource providing a sampling of bicycle-related statistics. Featuring user preference, health, and economic data, the Bicycle Stats One Pager provides a quick and easy reference for data about the benefits of bicycling. This resource is easily printable and is great for bringing attention to the benefits of bicycling, both in the nation at large and in your community!

Developed by Bikes Belong

History of Bike Commuting

In a concise format, the History of Bike Commuting provides an overview of bicycle commuting in the United States from the 1890s to the current day. In fact, bicycle commuting is older than automobile commuting and has a rich history in this country. This brief history also includes some of the reasons why bicycle commuting patterns have changed and the reasons why people commute to work by bike.

What are Bike to Work Events?

Bike to Work Week occurs in May in the United States. While many people are interested in participating, they often don't know what types of events occur during Bike to Work Week. This document summarizes the different events that are most common. However, don't let this brief summary be your limit. There are all kinds of events and activities that are not on this list, but that would be great to organize in your community. Keep an open mind and have fun with your Bike to Work Events!

External Link Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2010: Benchmarking Report (PDF)

This report, a joint product of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, Planet Bike (, and the Bikes Belong Coalition (, is a helpful resource, which compiles research, data, and information about biking and walking. The levels of bicycling and walking, safety, policies and provision, education and encouragement, advocacy, the influences on biking and walking, and the health impact of bicycling and walking are discussed in the report. The objectives of the Benchmarking Report are to promote data collection, measure progress and evaluation, and support efforts to increase bicycling and walking. Use this resource to make the case for biking in your community!

External Link Economic Benefits of Bike Infrastructure (PDF)

This resource provides an economic argument to providing bicycle infrastructure in the United States. In addition, bicycle tourism is highlighted as a potential revenue provider for many local businesses and for many local jurisdictions. Use this resource to make the case for increased attention to bicycling in your community.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link The National Biking and Walking Study: 15 Year Report

The 15 Year Report, the third update to the National Biking and Walking Study, measures the success of biking and walking in the United States since the original assessment in 1994. Progress made toward the goals of reducing fatalities while increasing bicycling and walking is detailed in the report. In addition, the 15 Year Report provides an overview of programs on the local, state, and national levels to increase bicycling and walking and presents up-to-date statistics on injuries and fatalities. The Report concludes with recommendations for research and policy efforts that can be used to reach the goals of the study. This is a helpful guide to understanding the status of bicycling in the United States and provides basic statistics about bicycling. Use this resource to make the case for more bicycling infrastructure and safety initiatives.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Bike Laws, Plans, Case Studies

This site provides access to numerous resources on the state level. Click on your state to see contact information for the State Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator, bike maps, Bicycle Master Plans, Case Studies, and Bike Laws.

External Link The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)

The PBIC is a federally-funded national clearinghouse for information on bicycling and walking, which seeks to enhance safe bicycling and walking as viable modes of transportation.

External Link Bikes Belong

The Bikes Belong Foundation is a national advocacy and lobbying organization sponsored by bicycle suppliers and manufacturers with the goal of putting more people on bikes more often.

External Link National Center for Bicycling and Walking

The goals of the National Center for Bicycling and Walking are to create walkable and bicycle-friendly communities through better planning, design, and management.

External Link Alliance for Bicycling and Walking

The Alliance for Bicycling and Walking is a coalition of local pedestrian and bicycle advocacy groups, whose primary goal is to make advocacy for non-motorized transportation more effective.

External Link The League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists is a national advocacy organization with a rich history. Their most successful program is the Bicycle-Friendly Communities program.

External Link Why Bike?

This resource provides five reasons why people should bike more, based on economics, environment, health, for fun, and for transportation.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link Benefits of Bicycling

Another resource describing the benefits of bicycling.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Stats and Research

The Bikes Belong Foundation provides a number of informational Web pages relating to bicycling and bicycling advocacy.

Developed by Bikes Belong