Bike to Work Activities

  1. Commuter Energizer/Breakfast Stations
    Commuter Energizer Stations and Breakfast Stations are the most common Bike to Work events and are usually organized during Bike to Work Week in May. However, Commuter Energizer and Breakfast Stations can be organized at any time of year and are great ways to generate interest in biking to work. Stations are usually set up along major bike routes and offer coffee, food, and other giveaways, such as safety equipment and coupons. Depending on the city or town, stations can be open both in the morning and evenings. These events are excellent ways to bring bicyclists together and to build community around bicycling in a city or town.
  2. Commuter Convoy
    Commuter Energizer Stations provide a great meeting spot for bicycle commuters. By organizing meeting places both at Energizer Stations and other locations for bicycle commuters, more experienced riders can lead group rides to local employment centers, providing guidance for novice bicycle commuters. Commuter convoys provide an introduction to bicycle commuting, which can help new riders gain confidence in their ability. By organizing a commuter convoy, riders with similar origins and destinations can meet each other and create regular group rides to work.
  3. Community Ride
    While not directly related to biking to work or school, a community ride reinforces the legitimacy of bicyclists on the road and in the community and fosters a sense of identity around bicycling. Often organized during Bike to Work Week in May, this event brings together cyclists of all types, from children and parents, novice bicyclists, and bike advocates among others. Most community rides are relatively short and relaxed, with the intention of creating an inclusive atmosphere for bicyclists of all skill levels.
  4. Bike Workshops
    Often held in conjunction with Commuter Energizer Stations and Breakfast Stations, Bike Workshops are free events that link qualified bicycle mechanics with bicycle commuters on the way to work. Commuters can get a free tune-up and safety inspection and as well as resources regarding local bike shops.
  5. Bike to School Ride
    Bike Commuting isn't necessarily always to work; it can be to school as well. Parents can organize a bike pool or bike alone with their children. This reinforces good safety habits and demonstrates that biking is an activity for all ages. Biking to School is supported by Safe Routes to School programs.
  6. Company Commuter Challenge
    Another way to generate interest in biking to work is to set up a Company Commuter Challenge. Companies are challenged to encourage bicycle commuting to work with the goal of achieving the highest percentage of bike commuters. The employees of the winning company are given prizes, while the company receives a plaque and media attention. This is an excellent way of getting employees together in a friendly competition against other regional companies, building company morale, and creating a culture of bicycle commuting at a workplace.