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External Link Bicycle Tutor - Video Tutorials

This helpful Web site provides a large number of informational videos on bicycle repair and maintenance.

External Link Benefits of Bicycling

Another resource describing the benefits of bicycling.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Why Bike?

This resource provides five reasons why people should bike more, based on economics, environment, health, for fun, and for transportation.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link The League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists is a national advocacy organization with a rich history. Their most successful program is the Bicycle-Friendly Communities program.

External Link Alliance for Bicycling and Walking

The Alliance for Bicycling and Walking is a coalition of local pedestrian and bicycle advocacy groups, whose primary goal is to make advocacy for non-motorized transportation more effective.

Programs in Motion

Read about how communities across the United States are building support for bike commuting.