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RBF Consulting: Corporate Bike to Work Challenge

This event was RBF's first ever Bike to Work Day and was intended to encouraged employees to bike to work as a healthy and fun alternative to their typical commute. The idea was introduced by members of RBF's Wellness Works Committee, which helped to publicize the event and obtain corporate support for Bike to Work Day throughout the firm's largest office in Irvine. Flyers promoting the event were posted in all office kitchens, throughout hallways, and near restrooms. Emails were also sent out company-wide, which is the standard way to promote events at RBF. A week prior to Bike to Work Day, a "Lunch & Learn" presentation was held to help explain proper bike safety, maintenance, clothing, suitable bicycles, local trails and bike paths, as well as helpful bicycle commuting trips. Bike facilities, such as the locations of bike racks, showers and changing rooms throughout the Irvine office were also discussed.

Yay Bikes! Columbus, Ohio's Bike to Work Challenge

The Bike to Work Challenge is a friendly competition between employers in the Columbus, Ohio area. To win the Challenge, a company/organization must achieve the highest bicycle mode share within its bracket over an 11 day period. Mode share is defined as the percentage of total trips using one mode of transportation, though the Challenge counts a trip toward the mode share even if it was not completed by bike in its entirety. For example, if every employee were to bike (at least part of the way) for every work commute over 11 days, they would achieve a mode share of 100%.

External Link Economic Benefits of Bike Infrastructure (PDF)

This resource provides an economic argument to providing bicycle infrastructure in the United States. In addition, bicycle tourism is highlighted as a potential revenue provider for many local businesses and for many local jurisdictions. Use this resource to make the case for increased attention to bicycling in your community.

Developed by League of American Bicyclists

External Link San Francisco Employer Toolkit (PDF)

This resource provides an example of a comprehensive employer toolkit and includes flyers, tips, and helpful information for both employers and individual riders.

Developed by San Francisco Bike Coalition

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What are Bike to Work Events?

Bike to Work Week occurs in May in the United States. While many people are interested in participating, they often don't know what types of events occur during Bike to Work Week. This document summarizes the different events that are most common. However, don't let this brief summary be your limit. There are all kinds of events and activities that are not on this list, but that would be great to organize in your community. Keep an open mind and have fun with your Bike to Work Events!


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