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Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Contest

Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Contest (BCC) encourages, rewards, and recognizes Thurston County residents of all ages and abilities who try bicycling as a means of transportation. The goal of the event is to encourage residents to develop new and lasting commute habits that result in healthy transportation choices. According to BCC organizers, the contest enhances the quality of life in Thurston County by reducing traffic congestion and fossil fuel use, which improves air and water quality and promotes healthy lifestyles. BCC participants have prevented the emission of hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 and other pollutants over the years of the contest. The contest also encourages people to shop locally and increases parking supply, stimulating the “Green Economy” and engaging local businesses and organizations through the sponsorship program.

The BCC gathers information from cyclists about bicycling infrastructure and road repair needs, which is relayed to the appropriate jurisdiction. By providing this feedback, participants are able to actively influence infrastructure development as well as maintenance efforts in the community. The BCC also hosts a number of other events each year, including an Earth Day event, the Wrencher’s Ball, and an Award Ceremony. The Wrencher’s Ball is a large event where bike shops provide mechanics to perform free safety checks on participants’ bicycles. The Ball provides bike commuters with a helpful service and also promotes local bike shops. After the conclusion of the contest, usually in June, there is an Award Ceremony to celebrate achievements, award prizes, and hold random prize drawings.

RBF Consulting: Corporate Bike to Work Challenge

This event was RBF's first ever Bike to Work Day and was intended to encouraged employees to bike to work as a healthy and fun alternative to their typical commute. The idea was introduced by members of RBF's Wellness Works Committee, which helped to publicize the event and obtain corporate support for Bike to Work Day throughout the firm's largest office in Irvine. Flyers promoting the event were posted in all office kitchens, throughout hallways, and near restrooms. Emails were also sent out company-wide, which is the standard way to promote events at RBF. A week prior to Bike to Work Day, a "Lunch & Learn" presentation was held to help explain proper bike safety, maintenance, clothing, suitable bicycles, local trails and bike paths, as well as helpful bicycle commuting trips. Bike facilities, such as the locations of bike racks, showers and changing rooms throughout the Irvine office were also discussed.

External Link Tools to Identify Bicycle Concerns

This Web page provides tools to evaluate bicycling in a community, from audits and checklists to Level-of-Service tools.

Developed by PBIC

External Link Bicycle Tutor - Video Tutorials

This helpful Web site provides a large number of informational videos on bicycle repair and maintenance.

External Link The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)

The PBIC is a federally-funded national clearinghouse for information on bicycling and walking, which seeks to enhance safe bicycling and walking as viable modes of transportation.

Programs in Motion

Read about how communities across the United States are building support for bike commuting.